Saturday, October 4, 2008

Meeting Nigel Barker

On Thursday I had the chance to see Nigel Barker speak at the GRAM about photographer Richard Avedon. The museum greatly underestimated how many people came just to see Nigel. I had the chance to meet with him, shake his hand, tell him that as a pastor I use the tips they talk about on "ANTM" and thank him for how he treated Isis. Nigel seemed friendly, perhaps a bit caught off-guard by my comment, and signed a photo that said "To G, Warmly, Nigel."

He was very real, funny, knowledegable during the presentation. I had no idea of who Avedon was, nor how influential he is. His photographs are amazing. Would it be safe to say there would have been no Nigel, no Tyra, no "ANTM" if it wasn;t for Avedon.

A good night, a memory I will always have. Thanks Nigel.

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