Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ANTM, cycle 11, episodes 8 and 9

It's commercial time in episode 8. Annaleigh steals the show: she nails the commercial from the first application of make-up, making it all look effort-less, in which Tyra pronounces it the "best commercial" on ANTM history. Sheena? Wow- she looked like an Asian Beyonce. But how does she get to say her and Elina are in a battle of "good verse evil" in which Elina is the evil? By episode's end, it is Jocelyn who goes home.

In episode 9 the young ladies go to Holland, Amsterdam. In a bit or "re-creation" we are told how there is now "red light district fashion" in which designers are now having shops where prostitutes once worked.

Watch as Elina continues to take out her bottled-up rage on people. This time it is on Sam, even though they won the first challenge together. If Elina stopped directing her rage towards her peers and instead put the emotion into her photos she could win this contest. Instead she ends up in the bottom two.

During the photo shoot it is McKey who nails it, although she looked like Pat Benetar meets Dr. Frankenfurter. Marjorie is good but predictable. Annaliegh is a joy to watch as she continues to grow and takes a beautiful photo.

But, alas, my last remaining girl, Sheena, is sent home, for taking a beautiful but broing photo. If only she knew how to take her inner "hootch" (as Tyra called it) and tone it down without shutting it completely off.

So, all my favorites are gone, but Annaleigh and Elina have stepped up to my new favorite two. I like Sam as a person, but can;t see her winning, although Nigel gets it right: she doesn't look like a model in person, but yet she delivers in her photos.

last note about episode 9: Tyra looked her worse in the entire series. What's up with that? And why were all the judges wearing "Golden Girl" color schemes? And finally, Jay Manuel seems to be returning to some of his former handsomeness.

My prediction? Annaleigh will win.

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