Tuesday, October 14, 2008

America's Next Top Model cycle 11 , episode 6

Wooh! So my last girl standing, Sheena almost got eliminated. Poor She-she. They tell her to not be too hootchie, then get upset when she doesn't go all out. Balance, Sheena, balance: that's what it is all about. I enjoyed how Marjorie has grown and knows what her weakness are and how she plays them up. Was I wrong last week? Can she possibly win this cycle? And Alana's need for control: her photo shoot was touching. Jay Manuel talked her into and through her tears, getting to the root of her control issues: she's insecure that she's not good enough and she is "tired of not letting it out." Let's see if she continues to have emotional breakthroughs or if she retreats further into herself. But, alas, I miss my girl Isis. Perhaps VH-1 can give her a reality show?

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