Thursday, October 2, 2008

"Connie and Carla"

What a surprise! I loved, loved, loved this silly little film, created by the same woman who did "MY Big Fat Greek Wedding." It's about two cheesy show-lounge singers who witness a murder and flee to LA. They end up becoming drag queens, and very good ones at that. Yes: this is "Victor/Victoria" done by a duo. The drag looks great, the show tunes and singing is wonderful. Part of the film's soul comes from the subplot of one brother trying to reconcile with his other brother. There is also the notion of when is it time to stop running away and fight/face your demons. And a great mini-subplot about body acceptance. During a show, Carla (or is it Connie) stops everything to make a very body-affirming statement: "Big or tall, slim or fat, worship that body! It's the only one you got." And she joyfully admits "I am an eater" which in the LA world of botox and weight-loss spas is seen as a big deal. I had fun, and you will too watching this DVD. And Debbie Reynolds makes a cameo proving why she is Debbie Reynolds and we're not!

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