Thursday, October 2, 2008

America's Next Top Model cycle 11, episode 5

Bit of a yawn without Isis, didn't you think? And Jay dressed as the monster? The more "butch" he tries to be, the more embarrassed I feel for him, until I see the next scene where, in his attempt to look young, the make-up keeps getting heavier and heavier.

Marjorie's extreme lack of confidence is getting the girls down and is annoying to listen to. Paulina and Marjorie labeled it as a "French/European" cultural thing: I wonder of that is true. But why did she get to stay, when she had to be "spoon fed" as Jay stated, while Clark went home. I liked Clark's photo. And the fact that Clark went from top to bottom and Sam went from bottom to top in one week just goes to show one never knows what'll happen.

I think Marjorie may be next to go on episode 6.

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