Friday, September 12, 2008

Wanderings for 9/14

Wow: something must be right when the Wanderings are actually on a Wednesday!This Sunday's scripture is from Matthew 13:24-30. It is another one of Jesus's parables. Here, a landowner sows seed of wheat; at night someone else sows weeds. They begin to grow, and the landowner's servants ask if they should pull up the weeds. The response of the landowner is "No, if you pull up the weeds you'll uproot the wheat. let them grow then during the harvest the reapers can gather and separate them."In essence, the landowner is saying "Wait." "Be patient." And "trust."Often times, when people preach or read this scripture, they focus on who are the weeds and who are the wheat, but as one writer states "Central to this story is the householder's patience." The servants are so worried about the weeds, but if they act too hasty, they can disrupt and kill everything around them. Instead, they are asked to trust the landowner and be confident that he knows what is best.Have there been times in your life in which overreaction or a too swift reaction actually created more problems then before? Have you ever had a moment where your "flight or fight" impulse took over, and it was for the worse?One lesson we can gather from this week's scripture is that it is often good to take our problems first to our "landowner", speak about what troubles our heart and then listen for what the word will be.And sometimes the word is along the line of "No," "patience" and "wait".May you all have a great day,Pastor G

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