Thursday, September 18, 2008

America's Next Top Model cycle 11, episodes 2 and 3

OK, one of my favorite girls was voted off on episode two. No more "Hey" from her. Episode 2 had a scene where Hannah pushed Isis away from her while in the hot tub. Did you note how in doing so Hannah quickly became the scapegoat for the girls. Here they are, in a house together, competing, missing home, probably scared. Someone had to be the scapegoat. It looked like it would be Isis, but the girls turned on Hannah, accusing her of racism, which may or may not have been true.

Episode three was makeover time. What was up with Tyra's eyes, and Jay Manuel needs to leave the wigs alone and not even try to be the Prince (even if it was Prince Couture). Here is what I found interesting: that Isis is no longer interesting. I see this as a good thing: that a pre-op transgendered person has become, in the editing of the show, a real person, not someone added for extra shock. With that said, I have the feeling Isis has not met her potential and will be the next to go.

Still love Sheena, but not sure if the makeover was right for her.

But you know where I will be next Wed at 8 p.m.

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