Saturday, September 6, 2008

America's Next Top Model cycle 11 episode 1

OK: I think this will cycle be my favorite one. Unlike last cycle there are a lot of girls I like right away. Sheena and Isis are the top two. And the two Jay's! You know it's going to be an interesting show when Ms. Jay is more butch then Jay Manuel, who had the best line of the episode, simply by stating "Cotour!"

But let's talk about Isis. I think she is a ground breaking reality-show contestant who is not there for mere explotation. I think she is real and her story will be a part of the LGBT community's further march towards acceptance.

Did you notice the element of baptism in the show? The house the girls are staying at has a pool, and Isis makes the choice to go swimming. "This is the first swim I had as Isis, as who I really am." Shortly afterward, when the girls ask her what it is like to got through the process of being a girl, she uses a variation of re-birth language, saying that it is like going through puberty all over again.

What is interesting is the girl who is uncomfortable with Isis uses the fact that she came from a "good, traditional family" as the reason why Isis would get hurt if she walked down her street. In other words: being good and Christian becomes the reason why her family and friends can kill or hurt Isis. Let's see how the dynamic will play out between these two women. But so far, the show is "Fierce!"

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