Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wall-E and Hancock

My pals and I have been going to Woodland Theater to catch up on all the films we have missed. Last week we saw Wall-E. Can I tell you I cried three times. I heard this movie was good, but I didn't believe it was until I saw it. For a cartoon about two robots falling in love, it has more heart, emotion and soul then other films I've seen. And the themes it tackles! Ecotheology! Corporate culture! How, if we are not more careful, humans will evolve into large, bulbous "things" with cankles who have no shape, are carried everyone, eating everything in shake form and communicating not person to person but screen to screen! Ultimately, though, Wall-E is a love story about how he wants nothing more then to have someones hand to hold. And I blubbered like a baby. Bravo, Pixar, bravo.

Last night we saw Hancock. I already knew what the surprise was, but it allowed me to enjoy the movie even more. What I liked was the notion that Hancock was born to be who he was, and he could not run from it or deny it. I felt as if, for that moment, that the film was putting into words what it means to be truly called to be a minister, pastor, whatever. Good acting. Fun script. I'm not much for action-adventure, blow-em ups, but this was good, partially because it actually addresses just how much physical and financial distress a real live superhero would create.

And the scene in the jail. How funny was that in a "oh no you didn't" way.

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