Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ANTM cycle 11 episode 4

Well, I called it last week, didn't I? Isis was let go. But not only her, but Hannah as well. Now, only two of my favorites remain: Sheena and Annaleigh. But did you notice how Isis was willing to teach Hannah how to walk the runway even though Hannah had pushed her in the hot tub two weeks before? And how the girls let Isis know "you're one of us." And how cool (and smart) was it for Jocelyn to pick Sheena and Isis to do the photo shoot together. Jocelyn owned the shoot and has hints of Beyonce. And did you catch the phone call Isis had with her grandfather who encouraged her to embrace "the goddess" she is? In the end, we can all learn a lesson from Isis, who was told by the judges "You're coasting with nothingness because you are afraid to stand out." If Isis went for the gusto and stopped worrying so much, she could have easily made top five. I wonder who is to go home next week.

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