Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Without Conscience"

"Without Conscience-The Disturbing World of Psychopaths Among Us", by Robert D. Hare, PHD (1993) is a well written, easy to understand, quick read about psychopaths. The general thought is this: psychopaths are dangerous people who are not insane but very aware of what they are doing. Almost anyone can fall victim to them because of their charm, charisma and ability to talk their way out of stuff, even when the victim knows it does not all add up. Not all psychopaths are killers: many of them are con artists and people who can bilk people/businesses out of lots of $$$$$. Psychopaths exist in clergy, lawers and psychologists. And there is little know treatment for them.

Signs of a psychopath (page 34):
-egocentric and grandiose
-lack of remorse or guilt
-lack of empathy
-deceitful and manipulative
-shallow emotions
-poor social controls
-need for excitement
-lack of responsibility
-early behavior problems
adult antisocial behavior

and soulless eyes, almost reptilian, with a stare that can haunt one.

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