Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Manolo Matrix

Just finished "The Manolo Matrix." It's part two of a trilogy by Julie Kenner, frivolous fun about a video-assassin game that comes to life and involves sharp women who love to shop. Book 1 was "The Givenchy Code."

Great, fast beach read. I did it in two days. This book involved aspiring actress Jennifer figuring out clues based on Broadway musicals. The clues were not easy to figure out, which detracts from the fun of the reader.

The second character, FBI agent Devlin is aware of what motivates people. Several times he talks of how when people are afraid they will often turn to the emotion of anger to release some of the stress, or that people will sometimes make love to alleviate feelings of fear or depression.

The spiritual essence of the book comes in page 292 when Julie gets into the shower (baptism) and realizes she has not been proactive in her life and career. Then she wonders why: "...what if I had a fear of success? Of not living up to my own hype? Or the hype I'd built up in my head?"

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