Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"The Prada Paradox" by Julie Kenner

Just finished "The Prada Paradox", part three of the Givcenchy trilogy. Poor author Julie Kenner tries too hard and made the book too slow and boring and full of repeats. Cool concept: actress Devi is cast as Mel in the movie version of "The Givenchy Code." And the PlaySuriviveWin game begins. But Kenner tries for more, and ends up with less. And this book is darker: Devi is the victim of a brutal kidnap/rape by a crazed fan, Janus, that haunts her. But the rapist is now the one hunting her. And she is cast into a dark emotional place.

Kenner, as she did in "Manola Matrix" has a good insight into human psychology. When Devi is caught in the PSW game and Janus is the hunter she tries not to allow the situation to have control over her. She finds herself freaking out, and she allows the freak-out. On page 115 it goes:

I draw in a breath and start over. "I just needed to freak out for a few minutes. But I'm better now." When all else fails, try the truth.

By 299 Devi had a chance to kill Janus:

I don't hesitate. I pull the trigger, then watch as the red star-burst blooms on his forehead.
He's dead.
And. I'm glad.

Such simple prose but powerful. Oh, and Kenner finds a way to wrap up the trilogy that anyone can see coming. So, I enjoyed book 1 and 2, but 3 was a snooze.

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