Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wanderings for Nov 16 and 23, 2008

Good afternoon everyone. In the midst of a busy 10 days, I have missed doing the Wanderings. So, today, I'd like to make it up by offering you two Wanderings for the price of one.

Last week we explored Genesis 39:1-23- Joseph's time in Potiphar's house in which he is falsely accused of rape and cast into jail. If you have your Bible available, it would be good to take it out and take a look at this Scripture. Sometimes scholars make the mistake of saying God is not mentioned or talked about in the Joseph narrative. But look how many times God and the Lord is mentioned here: 8 times! We're told the Lord is with Joseph, the Lord blesses the house because of Joseph, Joseph refuses the wife's advances because of God, and even when in jail we are told the Lord is with Joseph and makes whatever he does prosper.

That's a lot of God. Even when Joseph is placed in difficult situations, God has not forgotten him, God is still present. This reminds me of the promise the resurrected Christ gives in Matthew 28:20.

This is good news for us, especially during these times. It is a message that we as members of BCUCC can trust and lean on: that no matter what we go through, God is with us. No matter what our financial situation is, no matter what happens when people leave or members become sick or even die, God is with us, God is working, God is real and God is here.

And in tomorrow's reading, we discover just how present God is in Joseph's life. In Genesis 45:1-15, Joseph and his brother's are reunited, and Joseph has the chance to punish them or to forgive them. Take a look at what Joseph says. He may not come out and say "I forgive you" but it is clear that vengeance and retribution will not motivate his actions.

Listen to what Joseph speaks and notice that what his words do is bring about newness. His words speak about and over the chaos and confusion that have dominated their family, and as a response, a newness is created. Joseph speaks words of faith and with those words he gives them all a chance for a new start, for a new way to live and a new chance for them to be family.

How fitting that Joseph speaks wonderful words of life, since how does Genesis begin? By God speaking over the chaotic waters and bringing forth new life, creation, and a glorious beginning. God's spoken word creates the word, Joseph's spoken word gives the family a whole new chance. And in John 1 we discover that Jesus is the Word.

How wonderful, how amazing, how nice.

Have a blessed weekend and be good to one another.

Pastor G

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