Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One for the Money

Just finished reading Janet Evanovich's "One for the Money", the first in the Stephanie Plum series. I learned something about myself: I can't read action/adventure mysteries about a broke woman who's being stalked by a rapist while I myself am working 11 days straight and worried about the economy.

I enjoyed the book, although the characters are stereotypical and it took a while for me to get where it was going, but once the story line became clear I settled in and relaxed.

Evanovich balances humour with scenes of intense violence, which the violence surprised me since the book was designed to be a light, fun read. I'd be interested in reading the other books and I have been assured they are not as dark as this one.

The "soul" part arrived on page 268 when Stephanie is invited home for some stuffed shells. Stephanie admits home much she wanted to eat her mother's cooking. "More than good sex, a fast car, a cool night, or eyebrows. I wanted to feel unconditionally safe. I wanted my mom to cluck around me, filling my milk glass, relieving me of the most mundane responsibilities. I wanted to spend a few hours cluttered with awful overstuffed furniture and oppressive cooking smells. 'Stuffed shells would be good.'"

Except for the notion of "awful overstuffed furniture" that paragraph reminds me of Psalm 23.

We can all benefit from a good home cooked meal from time to time.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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