Saturday, November 22, 2008

ANTM cycle 11, episodes 11 and 12

OK: down to the final two shows. In episode 11, poor Marjorie. She thinks the secret to calming her nerves is to turn to drink. It not only calmed her, but it made her flat, forgettable, and voted off. Now let's talk about Annaleigh and McKey: wow! They keep surprising and surprising me. Annaleigh's jump in the air was brilliant, and McKey was fierce and beautiful. Poor Sam drew a blank, but in the last shot she got it right.

I expected that in episode 12 Sam would be third, McKey second and Annaleigh first. Was I wrong. Annaleigh choked during the commercial, but I think the judges unfairly booted her off. She was getting stronger and stronger each week; she fails once, goodbye! Maybe the judges were recalling that for the first few weeks she didn't do a good job and held that against her, but I cry "unfair!"

So Sam and McKey were left, and they walked the most amazing runway I have seen. Bravo to Jay's design of pink hills and stairs. But let's be honest: neither girl could work it or walk it the way Isis or Sheena or Elina or Annaleigh could have, so for a season that started strong, it ended flatter then Marjorie's drunk personality.

Yeah: McKey did a great job, but can she pull off runway and commercials? Only time will tell. Sam and Anneleigh have a future, Sheena should be seen in ads for jeans pretty soon and I still think Isis will make a name for herself.

With that said, let's see what cycle 12 will bring!

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