Thursday, July 10, 2008

Warrior Rising

I recently finished the latest in trashy romances I have been reading since the Writer's Strike destrpyed the TV season and reintroduced me to the notion of reading just for the fun of it. Since then, I go to the library, to the new book or trashy romance section and find a book that captures my interest.

The cover and inside pages of "Warrior Rising" by P.C. Cast did just that. What a fun book filled with intelligent imagination and sass. It takes place during the Trojan War. The goddesses have up it up to here with all the fighting. So they transport two modern American women back in time to distract Achilles from the war.

It is fun. Sexy. Humorous. And suprisingly , become a rather powerful ant-war story by the novel's end. There is one interesting theme that plays throughout: whenever Achilles is at an emotional place in which he feels emotionally and physically stressed or fearful he is overtaken by what is called the Beserker. Like the notion of the Hulk, it inhabits him and changes how he looks. It makes Achilles do that which he would not normally do.

One of the modern women, Kat, is a pyschiatrist, so she goes about teaching Achilles how not to let the Beserker posses him and how to have control over it. Some of the methods she uses is must unethical to say the least. But it does play into the question of: are we what we do, and do we all at times have the ability to be "possessed" by a Beserker as well.

And like the Harry Potter series, the books also explores questions of fate and destiny and do we all posses the ability to change the course of our life.

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