Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wanderings for July 13, 2008 Matthew 12:1-23

Peace and joy to everyone today.

The reading for this Sunday is a familiar one: the parable of the sower found in the Gospel of Matthew 13:1-23. Just as with last week, this week's sermon will be more pastoral and less prophetic. But in my readings I came across a statement by Thomas G. Long that I thought was timely to share.

As Long writes, this is a parable of the kingdom of God, not about conventional wisdom. Taken as a message to the church, it is not about being "diligent and play the percentages." It is not about results that come in text-book predictions, but about how God calls us to plant the seeds and step back to be pleasantly surprised by the results.

As Long writes "In this parable the great harvest comes unexpectantly and is much more extravagant than could ever have been anticipated." According to the author, it is not that the farmer should congratulate himself for the fact that his hard work has paid off, but he should be astonished at the gifts he has received: a harvest way more lavish then he could ever have anticipated.

Therefor, the church should learn that the great harvest awaits them, and they are too "waste itself" by throwing seeds of grace around like its no tomorrow, because there is a tomorrow: and it belongs to God.

How have you planted seeds of grace? And what wonderful, surprising harvests have you been able to stand back and witness?

May God bless you and keep you safe until we meet again,
Pastor G

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