Thursday, July 31, 2008

Halloween: H2O

Last night I watched the 1998 film "Halloween: H2O" which came as a response to the popularity of the "Scream" films. It's a fun flick, obviously from the late 90's. It takes its time to establish the story then once Michael Meyers begins killing, they happen quick and about 4 people die within a limited amount of time.

What makes this film unique is Jamie Lee Curtis' role of Laurie Strode, Michael's sister. Even after 20 years she still is his "victim", having nightmares of him, making her and her son live a life shaped by fear and the possibility that Michael may come back to kill her.

Laurie has made herself a prisoner, living behind a security-guarded gate.

But then one Halloween night Michael does come back for her. After a truly suspenseful moment when he chases her son and girlfriend, Laurie places them in a van and tells them to drive away. They resist at first, but then Laurie convinces them to leave.

Then she takes matters into her own hands: she destroys the gate so it can not be opened. She steps into the building, breaks the glass protecting the fire ax and sets about, in her own way, on her own terms, to hunt down Michael Meyers, her own personal monster.

This is one film finale in which its not about a woman being a victim, but a woman deciding against all else, not to be a victim, Laurie fights Michael and even when the police come and tell her Michael is dead, Laurie knows enough it is not true. And perhaps for one of the first time in a modern slasher horror films, the ending is a definite end, where monster and intended victim face off, both equal, both vulnerable.

Is this the greatest horror film? No. But I would recommend this film for anyone who has ever been victimized, for anyone who has felt their freedom taken away. for anyone who is tired if living in fear, even if it means facing your fear and possibly dying.

The power of the movie is that Laurie decides, live or die, she is going to do it her way.

Amen, sister.

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