Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wanderings for April 5, 2009

Greetings everyone. This Sunday is Palm Sunday and we have two special treats: Rev. Judith Youngman, our Interim Conference Minister is preaching, and Karen Messick, COO of Pilgrim Manor is giving the Mission Moment. And mio gets to be the liturgist (does that make it 3 treats?).

The Scriptures for this Sunday are Mark 11:1-11 (Jesus' triumph entry into Jerusalem) and Phillipians 2:4-13.

Read them both and revel in the joy they ring.

Since I am not preaching, I thought I'd take our Wanderings into a different, well, wandering. Mark tells us how Jesus makes his way into the city, and those who go before him and those who follow sing loud "Hosannas" and say "Blessing is the coming of the kingdom..." Victorious, joyful, full of God.

On May 2 we too have a chance to walk before and to follow Jesus. It is the annual Hunger Walk. For years, our family and friends have participated in this activity. Again, Ann Winkle is organizing our church's involvement. The Hunger Walk is a wonderful way for us, as reflections of Christ, to triumphantly walk into the city, proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom- the good news that in God's kingdom people do not starve, people do not go without food, all people are graciously fed. And by raising funds and walking together, we are certainly going before and following Christ, making the good news of a kingdom a reality.

Think about signing up. Think about donating, either your time or your money.

Also, remember that we here at BCUCC continue to support Leah's Kids Corner. For two months you have unselfishly stocked the red wagon with food for our neighborhood youth. Don't forget to bring in your food item this month. We are all working together to show how the Kingdom of God is already here and already active in our church.

Have a blessed week.

Pastor G

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