Friday, March 27, 2009

Wandering for March 29, 2009

Good evening everyone. This week's Wanderings is a short one, but one that is designed to make us all think. This Sunday we read from the Gospel of John 12:20-33. This is said to be the most condensed sayings of Jesus' death in the John's Gospel. Each Bible translation is different. But take a look at yours. Circle the first word in your reading. Now the circle the last word.
If you have the NRSV or the NIV, the first word is "Now" and the last word is "die." The King James Version starts with the phrase "And there were" and ends with "die."
I find this very telling. A passage of the most condensed sayings about Jesus' death in the Gospel begins with "Now" and ends in "die."
Isn't that a perfect way to express life? That life is all that happens between now and when we die. That every moment, every chance we have to live is situated right here, right now. That we are not called to live in the past or the future (although we can dream about it) but in the now. Now is what we have. Now is what we got.
And what we do between now and death- well that's a gift, full of mystery, discovery, God, chances, hurts, pains, joys; in other words "Life."
May you live your life NOW, each day, in Christ, being who God created you to be.
Now is what we have, death is what awaits us all, everything else is what's in-between.
Blessings and love,
Pastor G

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