Friday, January 30, 2009

Wanderings for Feb 1, 2009

Good afternoon everyone. I want to thank everyone for the grace and love you demonstrated on Sunday. I pray that everyone has been thinking about Sunday's message, "Who Knows?" as opposed to "Who cares" as we experienced in the faithful words and actions of the King and people of Nineveh in Jonah 3:1-10. This Sunday I do not preach as it is Women's Sunday, but we will all have the opportunity to hear Tammy Scott give her first sermon. I still recall the first time I ever preached, and Mom took me out for lunch (that photo stands in my office). Let us all pray and support Tammy. This Sunday's scripture, from what I understand, is Feb 1, Mark 1:21-28- where Jesus encounters a man with an unclean (evil) spirit. Would you like to have some with fun this? Well then, go ahead and read it. Take your time. I'll wait....... Read it? Ok, now, let's try an exercise. Reread it, but now give the man with the unclean spirit a different voice. How does an evil spirit sound? Loud, fast, broken up, sporadic, hissing, laughing, crying? Or slick and smooth, overly polite? Then reread how Jesus speaks. Does he speak all polite? Or soft? Or does Jesus shout? One Biblical translation has Jesus say "Shut up!" Can you imagine Jesus saying "shut up?" Play with the voice of Jesus. Imagine how one speaking in authority would sound. Who has authority in your life? Do they yell, raise their voice, use lots of words, little words. Then play with the voices of the people who witness this happen. How can or does their voice change. Also notice that when Jesus encouters evil, he does not stay silent. Do we? Or do we find a way to speak to it or about it? I hope this gives you a chance to let the Scripture come alive, to hear it in a new way, and in doing so to encounter Jesus, evil and humanity in a new way, thus allowing ourselves to encounter our own self in a new way. Be safe this weekend, and stay blessed. Peace, Pastor George

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