Monday, January 19, 2009

Misc. Quotes

For the last few months I've been jotting down quotes from various shows/movies. Instead of letting them sit around as loose pieced of paper, I thought I'd enter them into the cyber world of my blog.

From the film "Employee of the Month"
Grandma tells main character as he prepares for his first date: "Plant the seed of love: no kissing."

When slacker character is about to give up, these words of encouragement are spoken "Do it for yourself, do it for your pride."

Then later (i forget the context, but it sounded so poetic) "I can't do this alone. I need you. Please come home." (I think it's during the final bagging contest. Such a silly film, but a good one).

From "Epic Movie" : "I'm not running anymore. We may not have the numbers she has, or the strength, but we have something else: the strength of family." This is spoken by Peter the Heroic, a group of orphans about to battle the evil Snow Witch.

Charlotte, from "Sex and the City" watches a documentary on Elizabeth Taylor, and is motivated when Taylor states, after her surgery "Now is the time for guts and glory."

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