Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wandering for Sunday June 29, 2008

There is a song called "What's It Like To be In Love" from the group Jagged Edge. In the video a man talks about a way to test your girlfriend to see if she loves you: walk her to the car and let her in first. If she leans over and unlocks your door, the she's the one. If not, you know the love is not yet there.

Love...that is what I am thinking about for this Sunday's sermon.

The scripture is from Matthew 10:40-42. Nowhere in there is the word "love" even mentioned. But yet love is for me the theme the Spirit is calling me to preach about. Trouble is this: how does one describe love? What is it? How do you know you are acting out of love? How do you know you are loved?

What is the best thing you have done in the name of love? Have you ever sacrificed your principals or done something you regret doing in the name of love, or because you thought you were acting out of love, or because you thought it was the only way to earn love?

Although the word love does not appear in this Sunday's scriptures, I see shadows of it throughout. The idea of welcoming, the giving of cool water and the receiving of reward. Righteousness can also be seen as a sign of love. Just as opening a car door can also be.

So I ask you to ponder what love means to you. And perhaps, if you feel so moved, you may wish to respond to me with your own thoughts and reflections, as I can learn something from you as well.

May you have a blessed week. May it be filled with joy, peace, and yes, abundant love,
Pastor G

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