Saturday, June 21, 2008

My First Blog

What is sole? Let's see: the bottom of your feet, the foundation on which we stand, the part of Moses' very being that touched the earth when God spoke to him through the burning bush. Sole also means one, only, alone. Don't forget the tasty fish that can be seasoned and cooked in so many ways. What is sole? Also a play on words. For we are all spiritual beings, born with a soul that is constantly called to become closer with its maker. And for those who grew up listening to Motown, St. Louis Blues, New York Hip-Hop, the Minneapolis Sound, Washington Go-Go, Chicago House, Atlanta Bass and West Coast Rap, there is soul: the music that speaks for, to and with generations of people from various socio-ethnic-sexual orientation backgrounds.

Sole is that on which we stand, whence we are nourished, what burns inside us and what we love to groove to.

Who am I? A life-long runner, an amateur dancer, a Pisces through and through, a lover of all things R&B, a single person making sense out of this fascinating life, and finally, an openly-gay pastor of a United Church of Christ located in the west side of Michigan.

Originally from Long Island, NY, I have had the blessing to call Minneapolis and St. Louis home, and Mississippi a place I like to visit.

I hope we can all enjoy this time together.


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