Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 14, 2017 Letter to the Editor, News-Sun

"Thank you" to Michael Gerson for saying what needs to be said in his guest column. Unfortunately, our elected President is acting in ways that are questionable, compulsive, and abusive. Regardless of what the President's policies are, or what party he belongs, it is clear through his tweets, public interactions, and isolating behaviors (both on a personal and international level), that we are witnessing, as Gerson states, "a public breakdown." As a pastor, I have observed families that live with, make excuses for, and enable such behaviors, often times trying to pretend they don't exist, or attacking the person who says "This is not healthy, adult behavior." In my pastoral opinion, what we are witnessing as an American family is our patriarch behaving in ways that are abusive, manipulative, fear-based, and fascist-like. The lies upon lies upon lies can not be disputed- they are there for all to see, read, and re-watch on YouTube. For the sake of the American family, it seems time for all members, from the Republicans to the Democrats to the Independenst to come together and say "We are One, and how our President is acting, speaking, and tweeting is not healthy or OK." It seems like we are at the time of intervention. Respectfully submitted, Rev. George Miller, Emmanuel United Church of Christ

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