Monday, November 8, 2010

"The Full Cupboard of Life"

Number 5 in the "#1 Ladie's" series. Very enjoyable, in which (spoiler alert), Mr. J.L.B. and Mma Ramotswe finally get married. But first there's business about jumping out of a plane to raise money for the orphan farm, the death of Mma. Makusti's brother to AIDS (done "off camera") and Mma. Makusti moving into 1/2 a house that she now rents (a very touching development for my favorite character).

As usual, lots of bush tea and fruit cake is consumed and there's jokes about having big bottoms and Mma. Ramostswe is allowed to really have a keen sense of humor. Reading these books are about visiting old friends in which the pace and plot of the book serve no purpose other then to make on smile and feel good, even when talking about difficult issues.

This book, like all the others, celebrates the land, traditionally built people who are healthy, beautiful and like to eat, respecting one and another, being humble and not taking oneself too seriously.

There is also a funny scene where Mma. Ramotswe play on the mechanics vanity by making them think an anonymous love letter left for "Mr. Handsome" was perhaps written by a man.

Good book, great series.

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