Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Women Who Eat" edited by Leslie Miller

Sometimes you can find the most wonderful book for only a buck. That's what happened with the anthology "Women Who Eat" (2003). A collection of stories by foodies for foodies, capturing all essences of cooking, eating and food memories, almost every story tied into how food and relationships coexist with one another.

I highly recommend this book, especially being moved by Amanda Hesser's "Fundamental Pleasures," so much so I read her essay twice in a row. On page 39 she quotes from Edoudard de Pomiane's Cooking with Pomaine: "For a gourmand there is no need to produce complicated dishes with fancy names. Prepare for him raw materials of good quality. Transform them as little as possible and accompany them with suitable sauces and you will have produced a meal which is just right."

I loved that line and thought of how well that applies to just about everything. Simpler is better. So how can I follow the words that I agree with?

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