Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wanderings for Feb 8, 2009

Good afternoon everyone! Today's Wanderings come earlier then usual. It's because I am so well rested from not having to read, read, read for research for Sunday's sermon. But also because Tammy's Sunday message has left me psyched and excited. Tammy took preaching to a whole 'notha level. Barb and I have some serious competition now! Tammy's sermon challenged us to think of how fear can be used to motivate us to do the right thing (or that's what I got out of it: each person probably heard something different). This Sunday's message is from Mark 1:29-39. For today's study you need to go and get your Bible and read it yourself. Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law and she serves them. Question: what kind of service does she do? Does the scripture say anything about cooking, sweeping, cleaning or baking? No. Then why does our mind automatically assume that kitchen work is what she does? The original Greek word used to describe what she does is akin to the word "deacons", from which we get the word "diaconate." Peter's mother-in-law is healed by Jesus and immediately goes to serve him. Have you ever been touched by Jesus, ever been healed by Jesus? If so, how did you go about serving Jesus to show your thanks? Well, this week, this month, this year we are all going to have the chance. Ron Bruinsma touched upon how Missions, through the wonderful idea of Leah, is setting up a Kids Corner where people can donate food to the food pantry that is along the line of what kids like to eat, because let's be honest: kids like different food then adults. And there are far too many kids in our community who are going hungry every night. So we at BCUCC are going to do what we do so well: step up to the need and meet the challenge. Anne Winkle has been working with the children of the church to make up a list of food children like to eat. That list has been compiled and on Sunday during the Children's Message we'll do a reverse offering. We'll ask you to take a slip of paper with a food item listed on it, purchase that item, bring it in between Feb 15-22, and on Feb 22, when the children take the offering, they will also bring forward all the donated food. Then, we will do this every month: asking people to bring in the selected food item, place it in the designated location throughout the month, then on the fourth Sunday of the month, have the children bring the food up to the altar. This is a chance for us all to be like Peter's mother-in-law. To serve Jesus in a unique and important way and to help, in our own style, in silencing the evil demons of hunger. May this Wanderings be a blessing to us all, may you continue to be a blessing to Christ and to our community. Grace and abundance, Pastor George

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