Monday, December 8, 2008

"Dead Over Heels" and "No More Playas"

"Dead Over Heels" by Mary Janice Davidson. Fun, fun, fun. I say that three times becuase it contains three novellas, dealing with vampires celebrating theirt honeymoon and solving a crime in New York, a mermaid who rescues a survival expert who knows nothing about survival, and a werewolf who goes on a speed dating spress, trying to marry before she turns thirty. There's plenty of shoes, jokes and romance to keep one amused. A quick, happy read, perfect for someone who's very busy and needs some time just to relax and not think too hard.

"No More Playas" by Branda Jackson: A trudge to get through. Don't let the cover photo, nor the back summary fool you. The author tries to have it all ways: present celibate, moral woman to look up to, but scenes of hot sex, while playing on what celibatre may or may not mean. And the two main characters, Lance and Asia are so boring. The book only picks up and is good when it focuses on Lance's sister and her romance with the PI she hires. What the book does right, for a short time, is focus on the sister, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and how her abuser took away from her the chance to see love making as healing, not hurful. And Jacskson explores some side affects of abuse.

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